I consider myself both a fine art photographer and a documentarian. I love my job, the places it takes me and the people it brings me to meet. I'm a scientist at heart (and by degree, says UCLA) and so I spend every day tinkering and testing hypotheses to learn more about photography as both a personal passion and a profession. I've been a visual creator as long as I can remember, drawing portraits, baking multi-layered cakes, and crafting short stories, blogs and articles. But photography is the art that's really stuck to my brain like glue.

My photography has been featured in GQ Magazine, commercially for corporations and businesses, popular Instagram feeds, and blogs.

I love outdoor adventure,​ and backpacked through four states on my own in lieu of a traditional Bachelorette Party for a little less than a month. Crafting beautiful scenic portraits is my passion in both my professional and personal life and I spent much of this trip test shooting locations for elopements and weddings as I traveled.

If you like camping, adventurous travel, cats, licking the bowl after making cookies, organic details and family moments, we'll be fast friends. 


Paul is Danielle's Instagram Husband, real husband, personal tech support, and often second photographer. He works full time as a Director of Technology for the Wonderful Company, and handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes logistics of the tech behind the photography, ensuring that our equipment, photo storage systems, and back-ups are up to date.

Danielle has rigorously trained him in her shooting style so that when he assists her, he is able to artfully mirror the way she photographs and create an even flow to your gallery of images.

Paul loves video games, martial arts, playing sherpa for Danielle's camera equipment, and being one of the kindest people you will ever meet.


These are the years you will look back on for the rest of your lives as the memories that started it all. Photos and films are the visual representation of your memories and a tangible item that can bring those memories to life for years to come.


My couples value the visual artistry behind photography and want to have it celebrated organically and beautifully. Love by Danielle is my couples work that strives to represent each couple as their unique selves, where romance meets adventure - since isn't committing a life to someone the biggest adventure of them all? My mission is to capture both editorial style beauty with emotive candids to give you both work worthy of your home and your heart.

My favorite weddings are the most thoughtfully cared for, planned, joyful, and reflective of the uniqueness of their relationship. My couples value intimate and personal moments, belly laughs, and visually sweeping aesthetics. I value my couples deeply and feel that each film or photo set should be uniquely representative of who they are.

If you value storytelling imagery, clean aesthetic, a joyful and relaxed environment, and intimate beauty, then I'd love to learn more about your vision for your day.