A sample gallery of reception images using artificial flash lighting


Most wedding receptions happen after the sun has gone down and light is limited. Once the sun sets, or when ambient lighting is low, adding an artificial flash allows for stop motion, giving brighter and sharper images.

Every reception's lighting availability is different, and I work to apply my knowledge of flash and artificial lighting in ways appropriate to your unique location so that the images I create capture the emotion of your day.

There are three main ways that I use flash in my evening photography. The first is to add light and stop motion, which is the majority of images in this gallery. The second is called "dragging the shutter", and that is the technique used where you see the lighting trails that give motion to a photo. The final way I may incorporate flash is during occasionally during sunset portraits if the ambient light available is not sufficient to light you as the subject.

There are occasions in which flash photography is not necessary or appropriate for low light photos. To view how in certain situations, I will use ambient available light instead of flash, please check out my Low Light Photo Gallery.