A sample gallery of images shot in high-contrast lighting.


Soft light is easy to make beautiful, but hard light is where the fun is at for me. I love sun-drenched portraits with deep shadows that create an artistic depth to the image. Hard light is the opposite of soft light and is created when the light source is small relative to the subject. This occurs, for example, when the sun is tiny in the sky with no clouds to diffuse it, so you get bright highlights and a quick transition to shadow, more contrasting and bright tones, and harsh edges. My hard light style strives to keep shadows deep and highlights clean without losing detail in either.  I love the challenge that hard light poses, letting me draw your eye to a subject through creative use of the highlights. 


If you have ever taken a photo in hard light before, even with your cell phone, you may have noticed that hard light can pose a challenge for skin tone and texture. Healthy looking skin is one of my biggest priorities when I tone and edit my images. You can rest assured that regardless of lighting situation, I am keeping your skin in mind.

Wedding portraits and ceremonies often occur mid-day in less than ideal even lighting conditions. My priority is that, regardless of the type of light or weather we run into on your special day, engagement session or wedding, you can rest assured that I have shot moments in similar light, and you can visualize how I might use it to create something unique on your day.

If you have any questions about lighting for your wedding photography or couples session, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask.