A sample gallery of low-light scenarios with available ambient light used instead of flash


There are times when the use of artificial flash lighting is either inappropriate or unnecessary. Imagine if you crafted a soft, candlelit ceremony such as the one above, and photographers are blasting you with flash bulbs. The ambiance just would not be the same.

In low light situations, sometimes I find using the ambient light available can create more softly lit beauty with a focus on the natural lighting, rather than just brightening it up with a flash that creates more stark contrast. I will often use ambient light instead of flash in low lighting situations if we need to maintain a mood, create a mood, or if there is sufficient light available from an alternate source (i.e. a panel light from a videographer).

When taking digital photos in a low light situation, you may notice a bit of grain in the images. This is not added grain, but natural grain, similar to that you will find in the high ISO film that was use to shoot images in low light.

If you are planning a softly lit ceremony, a sparkler exit, or just have a question about how light might work on your day, I love using light in unique ways and would love to chat about how we can create something special.