Real people. Real moments. Real emotions.


There is no greater adventure than committing to spend your life with someone else. From that day forward, every mountain you climb whether literally or figuratively (and yes, I know the difference!), will be one that you endeavor on together. Your life together is a journey and I want to be there to tell the story of the very first day of that adventure.

To creatively tell a couple's story through the lens is both an honor and an artistic experience that I take immense pride in. It is my goal to do everything I can to help craft memories and an environment that allows you steep in the moments and enjoy your day in a way that feels uniquely you so that you can have memories from it to cherish for years to come.

Are you down to have a blast on the best day of your life knowing you'll get stunning visual art to remember you day by? Are you hoping to find a photographer who can capture the genuine emotions of your day and be *almost* as psyched to be there as you are (because I'm gonna be pretty excited, but you guys are gonna be REALLY EXCITED!) Do you want true to life color tones and editorial style edits? Do you want to get one of the best high-fives of your life?!

Well, then, you have found your girl.


If you have ever imagined you and the love of your life as the center of your own adventurous romantic comedy, let's bring that story to life through pictures! Together we'll travel to a gorgeous location and spend the session capturing more than just photos. We'll capture memories, genuine emotions, close-up portraits, sweeping landscapes and artistic details. You'll laugh, you'll look stunning, but most of all, you'll look like the best version of yourself. Our goal is to capture the you who you are when you're alone together, whether that's silly, spunky, sexy, or any other adjective that starts with an S (adjectives with other consonants are ok too.) You don't have to be an Instagram model to look like one. I can promise you that.


What comes with your adventure session? As little stress as humanly possible! Together we will create a vision for your session, scout the perfect location and style outfits to embody the real you.

Hiking boots optional. Laughter, love, a set of fully edited gorgeous images guaranteed.


So you're proposing a proposal for proposal photography, eh? Well, you're in luck, because I love planning, I love crafting a creative event, and I love love love making sure the details are set. Even better when I get to watch the end result come to life from behind a lens!

Proposal photography comes with all the help you could ever need to pull it all together, from location scouting to timeline planning to poppin' bottles in celebration!

Whatever your vision is for the day, I'll help you make sure those memories are captured through artistic visuals in a way that feels genuine and unique to your relationship.

Got a question before you pop the question? Contact me and ask it!


Filled with wanderlust? Me too! Storytelling travel photography is my jam, so combine that with a wedding and you can pretty much guarantee I'm gonna tear up with excitement.

Whether I'm traveling to you, you're traveling to me, or we're all traveling to some super cool location together, you can bet I'm gonna be psyched as all get out (is "all get out" a phrase other people use? IDK, but my dad says it a lot, so to me it is.)

I'm not the kind of photographer who wants to nickel and dime anyone with travel fees. I find it really annoying when businesses hit me with the hidden fees, so you better believe I'm not gonna do that to you. I ain't no hypocrite! All US travel fees are included in my full day destination package.

Doing something outside the US? I've got a valid passport with blank pages to burn... or at least get a stamp on.


All of my weddings and couples sessions include location scouting/planning, styling assistance, timeline assistance, and a positive, friendly, responsible photographer (me!)


All image selects will be delivered to you with fabulous edits like those you see in the galleries above. You'll be sent an online gallery where you can view, share, download and order prints of any or all of the images.

All of the images in your gallery will come with a print release and be available for high resolution and low resolution download. High resolution is better for print, low resolution is the bomb for social media and web use.

Wanna create something special? Click the link below and treat yo'self.