Why is photography pricing often called "investment"?

Remember when you went to college because it was an investment in your future?


Do you remember how much fun you had making memories and enjoying that amazing part of your life that you will never get to relive again except for through those memories?


Now remember how much college cost. Wasn't cheap, right? But boy, was it worth it.


Photographers often refer to their pricing as an "investment" because while the price might give you sticker shock at first (just like the first time you saw your student loans! Yikes!), at the end of the day, the bang is worth the buck.


Believe me, when I first started getting into photography, I'd see the term "investment" and think "What the heck, why can't they just call it pricing, because that's what it is! This is stupid."


But as I sometimes am, I was wrong.


So what are you investing in when it comes to your photos? Why does it seem like it costs so much for just a couple hours of the photographer's time?


For wedding and family photos, it's an investment in preserving beautiful memories. For headshots and commercial photography, it's an investment in your career or business.


These moments you capture in time are the memories you will look back to for years to come to relive the feelings you felt on those days. To remember the joy you saw in other's eyes as you walked down the isle. To remember the nerves you felt as you launched your first small business.


It's saying, this matters to me. And it matters to me that the person I'm investing in thinks this matters too.


When I started putting together my pricing and packages, I realized that what I put together for a client is way more than a picture with a price tag. It's not only an investment from the person in front of the camera. It's an investment from the photographer behind it.


Think about it this way: If your session or wedding is X hours, I'm usually there before it scouting out photo locations and after it, cleaning up the gear. The night before I'm getting equipment prepared and reviewing shot lists. The week before I'm talking to you to plan and prepare for the big day. A few months before, I'm consulting with you to make sure that our visions for the big day align.


And that's just all the prep! After the event, countless hours are spent reviewing and editing the photos to make sure they look just right before anyone sees them.


Every step is important. Every step takes time. And every step adds value to the experience.


The money you invest in photography is not just the money you pay divided by the hours you spend with me the day of the shoot. It's so much more.


A photographer invests a lot in each and every session and so do you. Doesn't just calling it "pricing" cheapen the experience just a little?


Your experience is worth the investment.




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